Monday, September 8, 2008

I really hate Chun Li....

~Beast the B*tch!~ (click it)

I am currently working on a very cool post regarding Honda. In the mean time though, I thought I would give you a little something to chew on.

These are the finals from a hard to find DVD. It could be only downloaded. Many have asked to see them after the fact. I But it seems no one donated at the time (I did) or cared, and I do not think you can get them anymore. However, since there has been a resurgence in ST interest (Namely due to GGPO and HD remix), many are looking to get their hands on these.

~Match 1 0f 3~

Note the use of:

  • Ducking jab> fireballs.
  • Yoga flame to punish whiiffed 'Up-kicks.'
  • Flame tick > throw.

~Match 2 of 3~

Note the use of:

  • Standing stong as an anti air.
  • Up flame as an anti air with follow up.
  • Cross up drill into head-butt on wake up.

I know this is not the best round but there are many little tid bits in there for you if you know where to look!

~Match of 3 of3~

Note the use of:

  • Yoga Noogies. (You need to land these)
  • Noogie traps. I.E. Noogie > late RH drill> Noogie
  • Noogie follow ups. I.E. attemped Yoga Noogie > Cross up HK drill >Head-butt.
  • Again the use of crouching jab and standing strong for an anti-air.

I konw the Chun Li match up is a hard one for Sim. I beleive you'll have to work a little harder than she does to earn your 'W.' But don't be fooled, Chun Li will be just as afriad of you as you are of her. She is no push over and neither is Sim. In my opion this match is up for grabs (5-5), a really good Chun will make you want to break your controller. But, don't lose your mind (or patience) and try the things listed above.

Hope this helped a little bit.



Fasces said...

Very appreciated post!

I find the Chun match up the hardest, probably because I haven't met too many scary Claws yet, but anyways.
It's the combination of ridiculous air priority and her lightning legs that tend to fuck me up.

I've always said and still say that it's a 6-4 match up in Chuns favor, but perhaps, I will change my mind soon. The tricks you are pointing out are dope.

Keep it up!

PS. Would really appreciate more IN DEPTH shit, like Sims hitbox during a certain move against the other characters hitbox. Probably time consuming to do, so I understand if you don't put stuff like that up. Just a wish from my side.

fatboy said...

In time I will do more hit box stuff. Right now I a working on Honda there will be several parts to it. Hit boxes are coming! Thanks for the read!

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